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certified arborist international society of arboriculture 
member international society of arboriculture 
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What We Do... Timber Tree Company specializes in a full line of tree and shrub services designed to meet your needs.

We offer the following services:

  • trimming
  • shaping
  • reducing
  • pruning
  • bracing
  • chipping
  • installation
  • removal
  • transplanting
  • fertilizing
  • stump removal
  • stump grinding
  • exotic control
  • consultation
  • tree injection
  • tree evaluation
  • hurricane cutting
  • storm damage clean-up
  • debris removal
  • clearing
  • mangrove pruning
           & permitting
  • large tree moving
  • rubber tree trimming with tracked lift
    Rubber Tree Trimming with Tracked Lift

    trimming palms with tracked lift
    Trimming Palms with Tracked Lift

    oak transplant with large tree spade
    Oak Transplant with Large Tree Spade

    oak transplant with loader
    Oak Transplant with Loader

    palmetto being removed for transplant
    Palmetto being Prepared for Transplant

    tree climber taking down a norfolk pine
    Tree Climber Taking Down a Norfolk Pine

    transplanting oak with large tree spade
    Transplanting Oak with Large Tree Spade

    tree and shrub installation
    Tree and Shrub Installation

    tree climber at work
    Tree Climber at Work

    polecat at work
    Polecat at Work

    bobcat with tree spade
    Bobcat with Tree Spade


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