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Tree Health Care Management

Timber Tree Company offers Tree Health Care Mangement including injection treatments using Arborjet. Tree injections involve direct application of nutrition, fungicide or insecticide (such as treatment for the spiral white fly) into the trunk of an affected tree. The benefits of injection over spraying or soil application are immediate uptake of formula, quick healing, no impact to the applicator or environment and cost-efficiency.

Tree Care

Florida supports more tree species than any other state in the continental United States. Florida is strategically positioned to share the flora of both the tropical and temperate climatic zones. An extensive list of introduced and naturalized species also expands Florida's tree flora. Florida tree flora becomes even more unique given the many plants of the southern peninsula and Florida Keys which are the northernmost repesentatives of a typically tropical flora, and some central and north Florida specialities which are found nowhere else in the country.

Understanding how to care for Florida trees and shrubs can be a challenge - to say the least. Taking a proactive approach to tree and shurb care can save you money and keep your growing floral assets from becoming liabilities. The following information can help you get started in caring for your trees and shrubs and meet your landscaping needs.

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