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At Work... Timber Tree Company has serviced and continues to service the tree care needs of hundreds of condominium / homeowner associations and property management companies in Martin and St. Lucie counties. We have earned a reputation as the leading tree care service in the area. If you'd like to check with our customers about our work, please call (772) 283­-6298 and we will be happy to provide you with customer references.

"Marc, We on the Board felt we had to make an effort to save money when we awarded our tree trimming contract to someone else this year. We did save money, but once again learned that you get what you pay for. I hope we can do business with Timber Tree Company again in the future. Thank you for the time you spent with me in scoping out the work and for the great job you have done for us in the past." ~ From the director of the board at a condominum association in Stuart, Florida.

"Marc, What an exceptional job you did trimming the palms and oaks for our association. The homeowners are praising the high quality and swiftness of your work and commend you for the unintrusive nature of your methods and your immaculate clean-up and debris removal. Thank you again, it was a pleasure and we look forward to the opportunity to do business with Timber Tree Company again! ~ From a board member at a homeowners association in Palm City, Florida.

removing washington palm
Removing Washington Palm

trimming palms with tracked lift
Trimming Palms with Tracked Lift

oak tree trimming with polecat
Oak Trimming with Polecat

transplanting pine with large tree spade
Transplanting Pine with Large Tree Spade

transplanting oak with loader
Transplanting Oak with Loader

palm tree installation
Palm Tree Installation

tree climber taking down a norfolk pine
Tree Climber Taking Down a Norfolk Pine

norfolk pine take-down
Norfolk Pine Take-Down

bobcat with tree spade
Bobcat with Tree Spade

palm tree installation
Palm Tree Installation

tree removal using bobcat
Tree Removal using Bobcat


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